Monday, November 23, 2009

Walking To School - Living in the Moment

As anyone knows, the morning routine is akin to rustling cattle, moving them here and there all in an effort to get to a chosen destination on time. While it consistently makes me crazy trying to get my daughter out the door, so we don't get the dreaded late pass.  This morning, I realized that I actually need to cherish the walks to school.

It's twenty valuable minutes out of our day where my daughter has the most non-linear, off on a tangent, stream of consciousness conversations every imaginable. Lord knows what goes on in her head but I like our little conversations.

My AHA moment occurred to me as we passed some middle schoolers and I realized that before I know it the next few years will pass me by and she will be going to school by herself. And as history shows, she will turn into one of those stereotypical, moody and non-communicative tweener/teenage girls

So now I gladly enjoy the walk to and from school every day.

Living in the Moment.


Shirley said...

that is so sweet

bigguysmama said...

I just had an epiphany last night about my 6 yr old. He's my 4th and last child. That means when he goes to 5th grade in 4 yrs I will no longer have a child in Elementary. I was thinking about the fact that he'll be 7 this coming year and then he'll be 8, which is the age of our neighbor boys and I can't even begin to imagine my little guy so grown up. hahahahaha 8 seems so old when it's compared to my 6 yr old. :)

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