Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wintuk - A Winter Wonderland 30% off Children's Tickets

Being a big fan Cirque Du Soleil, I have seen several shows here in New York and Las Vegas,  so I was thrilled to be offered tickets to see Wintuk.

Wintuk is about a little boy, Jamie who is in search of snow. Jamie lives in this cool city and encounters a whole host of interesting characters that run the gamut from acrobats to talking lamp posts as he goes on a quest to Wintuk to bring back snow

So how was it? . If you know anything about Cirque du Soleil, the shows  integrates acrobatics and a more than memorable sound track into the story lines. From the opening scene of wildly colored skateboarders, acrobatic bikers to dancing lamposts (mechanized, not real) to dancing dogs (as life like as you are going to get) to 30 foot walking birds to the memorable ending, the show was phenomenal.

My daughter (in my opinion, is  the hardest kid to keep amused) was memorized from beginning to end. Integrated with show is a lot of slapstick humour to keep the audience engaged. My daughter who apparently likes slapstick humour laughed (in one of those really loud laughs) at every pratfall.

And for us adults, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Would I recommend it? A resounding, yes.

In fact, it is an event I am planning to a yearly family tradition, that's how engaged I was and trust me when it comes to family fare, there aren't that many shows that I am willing to sit through even if my daughter likes the show.

Fair warning, there is very little dialogue in the show as it is with all Cirque du Soleil show. If weren't for the lead character saying "where is the snow, I am looking for snow", you would not have an idea what was happening.

So if you have a chance to check out the show, Wintuk is offering a 30% discount for children's tickets.

Bathroom Tip: The intermission falls at the hour mark, so if you need to go to the bathroom, leave right before because the bathroom lines are horrible. 


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