Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feel Good Story of the Week - 4 African American Quadruplets Get Accepted To Yale

This story ran on the Front page of today's  New York Times. Ray, Kenny, Carol and Martina Crouch are quadruplets from Connecticut all received early admission acceptances from Yale. Quite a coup in my opinion, especially since they are the product of a stay-at-home mom and State of Connecticut Case Manager.

I love this story because above all, it's not a story about a black athletic or entertainment achievement it's about education achievement. Let's face it, education is the key to a better life because the majority of black people or any race for that matter are not athetically or musically inclined.

Take a break from your day and read the story, it will make your week after all the bad news.

Congratulations to the Crouch Quads and their parents! Outstanding Job.


Yasmine's mom said...

Great story!

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