Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift - Taking the Stress Out of Christmas Shopping

Christmas and the Holiday season should be about fun, family and gifts but somehow it's not. It has become all about gift giving, parties and family stuff. This year, I have the added stress of being unemployed and more importantly having a daughter at a gift crossroads. Her list includes the Wii and Nintendo DS.

She is in my opinion not ready for the Nintendo DS and frankly, the idea of introducing it in our lives is something I want to avoid as long as I can. I am not buying the Wii for the same reason.

So what the heck is THE gift for a 6 1/2 year old girl. In year's past it was a piece of cake to buy for her between the leapster, V-Tech, dollhouses, dolls, kitchen stuff.

So thankfully in my cluttered mind, I remembered a site that happened upon that was initially intended as a one-stop site to buy birthday gifts -

The site was started by two moms who were always stressed about all the birthday gifts they had to buy and could never find the appropriate gift. Haven't we all been there? I had looked at the site early on and thought a lot of the gifts were so on target. What I found really helpful was the  Gift Finder which segments all the gifts by age, gender and price.

So has I headed into Christmas I had "Lightbulb" moment. Why not just go to the site for my daughter's gifts and put myself on a budget and go from there.

Here is what I ended up. Since I forced myself on a budget it was easy to choose gifts that indulged my daughter's creative side without breaking my budget. Full disclosure, I did a buy a few other gifts not on the site because my daughter's Dear Santa list included a couple of things that needed to be bought at a toy store.

I wished I had written this earlier for you last minute shoppers because I just got an email that says that you can order as late as 11:59PM on December 21st (TODAY) and get your gifts by Christmas Eve. Just choose the 2-day express option.

Finally, offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Even if you don't have the opportunity to get your Christmas gifts, check it out for your birthday gift needs.

Disclosure: This is my personal opinion because I wanted to spread the love. 


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