Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Music Lovers CD Review

Recently, I was asked to review a sampler from Little Music Lovers series. The series is geared toward babies and their parents. Since I love classical music and the series provides you with a mini-version of each composer's music, I think it's a great way to introduce your child to classical music and lay the foundation for liking classical music as they get older.  My daughter loved the sampler CD, the real audience for the CD and continues to listen to it as part of her music selection. 

On the subject of whether listening to classical music will stimulate your child's mind and make them a genius or get them better grades, I have to say no,  I don't think it will but that's me. But do I think your child should be introduced to classical music at an early age and that classical music will enrich their life? Yes, emphatically, yes, I do. My parents and family friends had classical music playing at their houses during dinners and to this day while I can't tell you what the title is or maybe the composer, I truly like listening to classical music and can recognize the concertos when I hear them. I certainly hope that exposing my daughter to classical music at a early age that she will come to appreciate all genres of music. 

Here is a list of the little music collection. Amazon has sampler music for each CD. Take a listen and enjoy. 
Little Music Lovers: Bach - Smart Music for Activity Time
Little Music Lovers: Beethoven - Smart Music for Story Time
Little Music Lovers: Mozart - Smart Music for Play Time

Disclosure: I did receive the product for review purposes only and was not paid for my review. 


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