Friday, December 18, 2009

Military Mom and Prayers for Bryson

Last night, while I was on twitter I kept seeing tons of my twitter friends asking for prayers for Bryson. It took me a few posts before I discovered that the little boy had died. Of course this morning, I read the full story in the Post  about a mom blogger military mom, Shellie Ross who had announced her son's drowning via Twitter. While I am not judgemental about announcing it because she has approximately 5,000 followers who follow her every move so it would seem like the natural thing to do but what disturbed me about the story was that she kept sending tweets at the hospital after he was pronounced dead.

Yes, people grieve in different ways but that just seemed to TMI but that's me.

Just wondering what other people think especially those of you who tweet?


bigguysmama said...

I was online, too and think she was attacked pretty early on for being online. She tweeted from the hospital before she knew her son had died. After that, I don't know how often she tweeted. I think if I knew I was being attacked online and was grieving, I'd probably strike back as well. We have no way of knowing what she was going through at those exact moments.

I'm also wondering as a Military Wife if she was lonely. Did she have actual friends where she lived? Sounds like she had a large online community of "friends". I know that for myself, I know so many praying people online that I would definitely leave a status on Facebook. It would reach so many of my close friends and church family faster than wildfire. Twitter I have no connections to anyone.

I agree, we have to not judge since we weren't in her position. I know that at this point the detectives are not filing any charges. I got that from the news account.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


NYC Single Mom said...

Thanks bigguysmama for getting more facts out on the timeline of events. I dont follow her blog or tweets so her followers may know about her loneliness or her family situation. I did not she had been attacked online. I feel for her given one she lost her son in a tragic accident and now she has to deal with media onslaught. I just hope she has strong family support.

Anonymous said...

We all grieve differently and I am hardpressed to judge anyone on how they do so.

We are a country that loves tragedy and loves to judge others. I think that by judging others we must necessarily accept that we are tacitly allowing others to judge us in the same way.

I won't do that so all I can say is that I am sorry for her loss.

--Just my two cents.

bigguysmama said...

I don't follow her either, but a lot of ladies posted a link to an online news article that had a detective responding to the accusations. So, that was where I received my info. I don't have any way to verify it, but I think it was through one of their local papers.

Interesting thing about one of her biggest accusers, she admitted that it took her 2 hours to go through all of Military_Mom's Tweets in a certain period of time. So, she spent all that useless time researching someone elses Tweets. Sigh...very sad.

Sorry, I won't respond anymore to your post. Don't mean to overload you with information. I guess it just makes me sad for her loss.

Have a Merry Christmas,

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