Monday, December 7, 2009

The Week Recap

Usually, I don't do a recap but a lot of interesting things  happened over the last week and I so backed up with posts that I just wanted to get this in.

Thursday, Dec. 4 - Participated in  "It's Time to Talk" Day, a national day of dialogue and awareness on domestic violence and teen dating abuse sponsored by Liz Claiborne. I had the honor of interviewing Marjorie Gilberg, Executive Director, Break the Cycle, Stacy Morrison, Editor-In-Chief, REDBOOK magazine, Leslie Morgan Steiner, New York Times Best Selling Author and Rita Smith, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  A more detailed post is forthcoming.

Thursday, Dec 4 - I was contacted by CBS to do an on-camera interview and the subject (drum roll, please) what else unemployment. The unemployment statistics came on Friday, December 5 and they wanted to do a piece on unemployed workers and how they are handling the holidays. My first interview although not a on a topic I ever thought I would be asked about. I guess it went well since it ran on CBS Radio, Friday morning and CBS Overnight News. How do I know this? Because a pre-school dad told me his wife heard me on the radio and the lady at the coffee shop saw me at 4:15 am. Who knows if it ran anywhere else in the country as the story was done for the affliates and they have the option to run it or not. When I get the film, I will load it up for all to see. I hope I look good.

Friday, Dec. 5 - Decorated the tree with my daughter, a lot of fun although no hot chocolate and christmas music. We usually decorate the tree Thanksgiving weekend but we went away.

Friday, Dec. 5 - Celebrated (kidding) my one year anniversary of being laid off and took myself to the movies to perk up my spirits although Up in the Air might not have been a good choice. Here is the post detailing the day it happened in case you missed it.

Saturday, Dec. 6 - My daughter had a sleepover and I was able to go to dinner with having to deal with babysitters. Yeah.

Sunday, Dec. 7 - Went out to the Botanical Garden in the Bronx to see the Annual Holiday Train Show. Fun and interesting for me not so sure about my daughter. She was interested but not in a wow, that's interesting, I want to come back way.


Anonymous said...

Your week sounds like a week in the life of Diane Garnick. she was a young mom too, but now that her kids are grown, she's making up for lost time.

quite inspirational... check out the info page here:

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