Monday, December 7, 2009

Moms of Hue Officially Launches Today

Just wanted to support fellow moms and bloggers by announcing the launch of Moms of Hue . The site was started by Kristina Daniele (Mom on the Rise) and Renee J. Ross as a way to provide a forum for issues relevant to  Moms of color and women and men raising children of color. 

In support of the official launch, the site is hosting a number of giveaways and tweeting about Moms of Hue. Just use hashtag#momsofhue all day today.

I have to say that I am happy that Kristina and Renee are starting this forum as I do see the importance of the voice of Mom's of Hue and that there is a gap in the moms of color forum space.  Hope that they get some real buzz in the media for their efforts. 

It's exciting to see a new start up happening so hope you will join them in their efforts and add to the dialogue. 


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