Saturday, January 9, 2010

Relationship Expert (Not)

Don't you love it when people offer advice when they have no business doing so. Like priests offering couples advice when they have never been married or in a relationship. What nerve? Well, that is the way I felt yesterday when my daughter's godmother came over to discuss her latest paramour.

At this stage, the relationship advice I can reference is what I learn on Oprah, Sex and the City (tv and movie) and women's magazines.

That said, I am happy that she calls me to regale me with her dating stories and flattered that she asks me my opinion. If I don't get a love life soon, pretty soon, my daughter will be more qualified than me to give relationship advice.


Divina said...

Ha. Even with being married almost 5 years I don't have any advice. You are a good friend for listening.

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