Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas 2009 Staycation Debrief

For the first time since my daughter was born, we spent Christmas in New York.  From my perspective, I am happy that  we stayed here and avoided all the airports/train stations wackiness that will define the 2009 Holiday season.  Yes, the holidays are about family (good and bad) but there is something about sleeping in your own bed, watching your own tv and doing whatever the hell you want without having to ask someone else. This year, we had the opportunity to spend time with close friends who stay in the city and for that I am grateful.

On Sunday before the start of school, I did ask my daughter if she had a good time staying in New York City and she said "yes, we did a lot." Of course, she had to inquire if we were planning to be here next year and I said, "we will see."

Here is a photo montage of our New York City Staycation.

My daughter as the innkeeper at the Christmas Pageant.

Enjoying a beautiful sunday, riding her bike.

 Enjoying ice skating.                                      Taking in the Hayden Planetarium.          Dissecting a frog.


Nicole said...

She's really adorable..It's great growing up in nyc. I know I loved it!

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