Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drop Off Playdates that Backfire

Given that the weather has taken a turn for the worse,  all  I want to do is stay home and organize my apartment (which ridiculously for someone with no job is always a mess.) When I announce to my daughter that I have stuff do in the apartment, she gives with a big sigh  "a boring day for me."

Yes,  she is right, I should be getting her out and about exploring the city, getting some fresh air (even if it is cold) but dammit I have stuff to do.

I decided that the alternative is to invite kids over for drop off playdate, that way she has a playmate to keep her occupied and I can get organize.

I have done this twice and each time, it actually has made more work for me. I am constantly amazed that she insists on bringing toys out that she never plays with and I mean every last toy which ends up being scattered all over her room and eventually bleeds into the other areas of the apartment.

And don't think I haven't given the speech "before you start playing with another toy put away the previous one." Now mind my daughter and her playdate attempt to clean as they play but somewhere along the way, they pull so much stuff out, it's like a tornado hit it.

Needless to say that, we end having to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up all the remaining bits and pieces.

I am going to have to rethink this strategy because as much as my closests need organizing, I am getting sick of cleaning my daughter's room every week.


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