Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hinamatsuri Girl's Day (March 3)

Although my daughter is not Japanese, I am half Japanese and would like for her to learn about the Japanese culture.   That said, I have been pretty bad about educating her about Japanese traditions, holidays and cultural tidbits.

Today, March 3rd is Hinamaturi (Girl's Day or Doll Festival). Not a bad day to start celebrating Japanese holidays.  Hinamatsuri is a day that families show how proud they are of their daughters.

Families do this by displaying dolls of the Emperor and Empress (the dolls at the top), various imperial court attendants, ministers, musicians and servants. As you can see, it's very elaborate and expensive. Gifts are usually given by grandparents or handed down from the mother. My mother bought a few dolls when I was growing up but I have no idea what happened to them.

To celebrate, I told her the story of hinamatsuri and we will be making paper dolls tonight.

Thanks to nikki  for reminding about Girl's Day.

I am going to get my act together and be more prepared for Children's Day (May 5.)


Nikki @ Blasian Baby said...

Never been thanked for nagging someone before. LOL. Thanks for writing a bit about the history of this day

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