Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Four Friday - 4 Reasons I LOVE Entertainment Weekly Magazine

Entertainment Weekly magazine turns twenty this year and I can honestly that say I have been reading it since the first issue. I really love this magazine, I am avid magazine reader and over the years, magazines have come and gone but EW has stayed consistently the best at what it does. Great cover stories, trends, reviews of movies, music, dvd, books and more. I even read the feedback section. If the magazine does not come on Friday, I am sad. 

If you have to subscribe to one magazine this is it, especially, parents who don't have time to be up on all the latest stuff. Believe you me, if it weren't for the music section, I would have no idea who half these musicians are. 

Fantastic Four Reasons I Love Entertainment Weekly magazine:
1. The Must List - That say's it all. On average, I learn at least 2-3 new musts that have not crossed my path. This week, included Ponyo on DVD. 
2. What to Watch aka The Television Section - For those part, it barely provides a review of the show, it's all about the snarky comments and pop cultural references. 
  • Case in point: Rules of Engagement Season Premiere- "The show that you completely forgot ever existed returns for another season. Keep laughing all the way to the bank, David Spade." Priceless. 

3. Sound Bites - Includes the best quotes of the week. Funniest this week, "Snooki is Chilean? That's like finding out Santa Claus is Jewish!" Jimmy Kimmel Live 
4. The Covers - Great photography, in my opinion and unique. Here are some of my favorites. 

Thank me, later (I love you, Ryan Reynolds)

(note, EW runs this cover every chance it can and I say Thank You, EW) 

My favorite cover of all time, EW has always promoted this show and for good reason, it was one of the best tv show of the 90's. Note to all of you adults, who passed on this because of the title or that the characters were in high school, you missed some of the best writing and acting of a generation. P.S. SMG, get a new agent, your talents are being wasted, stop trying for romantic comedies and find a tough super heroine role.  Twilighters, forget Bella and Edward. BTVS was so much better and SMG can actually act. 

What is there to say? This was one of EW's best selling issues. Next to Buffy and Angel, Scully and Muldaur were  sexiest couple on television. 

What can I say?? 

Disclosure: I was not paid for this glowing endorsement. 


bigguysmama said...

I would like to thank you for the Ryan Reynolds cover. Scarlett is one very lucky girl!! His comedic timing is pretty awesome as well!


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