Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Recap

Darn, for once, I would have done well in an office Oscar pool. I predicted every major category.

  • Best Director - Kathryn Bigelow so deserved this one and not because she is a woman. The Hurt Locker was a war movie and non stop action picture all rolled in one. The acting was first rate and Jeremy Renner deserved to be nominated.
  • Best Picture- Again The Hurt Locker is a great movie. Yes, I liked Avatar but 20 minutes of that movie could have been cut.
  • Best Actress - Sandra Bullock. I did not see the Blind Side so can't comment on her performance but she was the overwhelming favorite. I think most people voted for because it is a feel good movie and the all the stars aligned for her and this movie. The academy probably knew that this was Sandra Bullock's one and only chance to be nominated and they gave to her. Great acceptance speech by the way.  
  • Best Actor - Jeff Bridges - Again did not see Crazy Heart but he has been nominated how many times, it was his time.
  • Best Supporting Actress - Mo'Nique, what can I say? What of the great performances in film.
  • Best Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz - I have seen enough clips to know that I want to see Inglorious Bastards.

Now let's get to the best and worst moments of the pre-show and the Oscar show.

The ABC Oscar Pre-Show with Kathy Ireland, Sherri Shephard and the EW guy was by far the worst pre-show in the world. Good lord, the questions and comments were the worst. Sherri and Kathy were so out of their league. Most actors have to do a screen test, ABC execs should have done the same. The pained look on most of the actors/actresses faces was priceless.

Oscar Show
  • Love Neil Patrick Harris but the opening too theatrical and just plain bad.
  • Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were funny but the opening monologue went on for too long.
  • John Hughes Tribute - The best tribute ever. Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick plus all the entire Hughes ensemble on stage to paying tribute. When they ran the montage of clips, it brought memories of my youth plus reminded all of us of all the actors who had been in his movies. Instead of six degrees of separation Kevin Bacon game it should be John Hughes instead. I have to admit Twitter was completely abuzz during the tribute. I even cried. 
  • Staging - Why were the actors announcing the best picture so out of range so that you couldn't see their face. Seriously, every time, it took me a moment before I recognized who was talking.
  • Taylor Laughter and Kristen Stewart looked bored and completely out of their element.  I am sure it's because they have no idea who most of the people were.
  • Ben Stiller Avatar bit was bad. He is just not that funny. 
  • Oh the lady who jumped during the acceptance speech of some guy of some film I never heard of. I hope someone tells her she is nuts and rude. 
Best Dressed
Penelope Cruz - great red dress
Meryl Steep - looks good in white
Mo-Nique - Blue looked nice plus draping made her looked thinner 
Helen Mirren - Good lord, i wish I look that good now. She is incredible. Another one who lit up twitter with positive comments.
Kate Winslet - I think I like the dress but not so sure about the color. 
The men - who doesn't look good in a tux but especially Ryan Reynolds, Tom Ford and Chris Pines. 

Worst Dressed -Stylist Should be Fired 
Sigourney Weaver - the black belt looked stupid and threw the entire look off
SJP - Vintage does not always equal beautiful. King Tut wants his clothes back
Faith Ford - love her but why can't she get the red carpet thing right. too much lace
Charlize Theron - Madonna wants her cones back. Seriously, did she not see herself in a mirror?
Tina Fey - Again I have yet to see her in a flattering dress. 
Vera Farmiga - One word ruffle. They could have put her in Pringles can, thats how many ruffles she was wearing. She looked liked she was being swallowed up by the ruffles. 

Love to hear your thoughts.


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