Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday - Going to college

Dear Darling Daughter,

Lately, you have been into having a "tickle party" before bed mood. I love that about you.

What I like best about this pre-bed ritual is that after our "tickle party", we have a little chat.  Usually, it's  filled with a lot of "I love you", "you are the best daughter in the whole world," followed by "you are the best mommy in the whole world." I cherish these moments.

But yesterday, you had me cracking up as we were talking about your turning 7, next week.

"Mommy,  you are going to cry happy tears when I turn 7, right, and then when I turn 8 and then when I go off to college."

I love that you just skipped right over junior high and high school. And of course, I am thrilled you are thinking so far in advance about college but it's just plain hysterical the way your mind works.

Funny girl.

Love mommy.

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