Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantastic Four Friday - 4 Fun New Toys from Time to Play Spring Toy Showcase Event

This week, I attended the Time to 2010 Spring Showcase featuring the best new toys that will be introduced over the coming weeks and month. Fun Fact. Did you know that toy introductions are not just for Christmas anymore? I didn't.

Unless you were living under a rock, Zhu Zhu pets, the best-selling toy of Christmas 2009 was introduced in the spring of 2009. Who knew?? 

There were more than 20 leading toy manufacturers and entertainment companies at the event but these four new products caught my eye and will definitely be on my shopping list. 

1. Crayola - Dry Erase Travel Activity Center 
Available: Now
Price: $9.99
Ages: 5+
Crayola does it again. I have no idea what took them so long. Just imagine your child being able to color, write and erase and then start all over again. And with dry erase markers that are washable. Hurray! Why do I think this is a great product other than the reasons stated above? Because as my daughter has told me,  "Crayons are for babies." So for me, it's a great product for older kids who have move passed colored pencils and crayons. 

2. The Whiplash Scooter is part scooter and part skateboard. My daughter is so enamored with kids on skateboards that I am just beside myself. So the Whiplash Scooter is a great way to segue into riding a skateboard. I have a feeling that this scooter is going to be the de riguer toy for the summer.  

I am sure you have seen the Wave Board, which is the newest type of skateboard that sits atop two wheels. These are two toys I have no interest in trying but every kid is going to want one. 

Whiplash Scooter Price: $79.99
The Wave Board: $99.99
For locations, go to

3. Paper Jamz coming out later this summer, enables your child, friends and family to start a rock band without breaking the bank. The  Paper Jamz line consists of a guitar, drum kit and amplifier all made of paper. That's right, paper. The guitar comes pre-programmed with three songs that you can play or your child can play their own songs. Because there are no strings, you can't break the guitar unless your child insists on being Pete Townsend (look him up for you young moms out there) and starts busting up your furniture.

And if you are like me, you went out and bought a cheapie guitar for $70 which subsequently became useless after the guitar strings broke, this is a such an great alternative.

All three products are under $70 with the guitar priced at $25, so how can you go wrong. 

4. Petcakes - The most adorable collectibles that I have seen in a long time.  How can you resist a cupcake mixed with a cute dog? How cute is that? I admit, I still have beanie babies in my closet (yeah, one day they are going to be worth something.) The petcakes will be available in a wide variety of stores and are being priced under/around $10.00, depending on the retailer. 

For more of the products that I saw at the Time to Play Spring showcase, head over to

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