Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kate Gosselin and NYC Single Mom Together - Newsweek Online Article

Last week, I was interviewed for an article for Newsweek online about supporters of Kate Gosselin.

To the writer, I was a supporter of Kate based on my postings on my blog and I guess I am to the extent that in my opinion she has to support those eight kids and darn it, if ABC was willing to put her on Dancing with the Stars and pay her over $250,000 to do it and TLC is giving her another reality show, more power to her.

All the Kate haters, expect her to stay home or go back to nursing to support her kids. Let's face it, she needs to earn as much money as she can while she can because she will run her course in the next couple of years and the gravy train will be over.

And let me say this in the event, I ever get a book deal or become famous, you realize after being interviewed, there is a reason that celebrities, authors, athletes, politicians sound they way they do. Left to your own devices, you could seriously ramble and completely get misquoted or have your words twisted. That's what PR folks are for to coach you.  Luckily for me the writer of the article actually me sound more eloquent that I was in that interview. So thanks.

To check out the article, head over to Newsweek online and read "Saint Kate", although I think the comments are far more entertaining than the article.


Tammy Lei said...

You are wrong. Kate's critics don't want her to stay home or be a nurse. We want her to be a mother and LOVE her kids, not use them for her own career advancement.
She is ungrateful and nasty to everybody she meets. We saw how she treated her husband and her SIL when she, oh my, gave the kids gum.

I don't care if she travels the world and is never with her kids. I only care that the KIDS DON'T WORK anymore and that Kate realizes her blessings and gets to know them, rather than exploit them.

Ms. Motherbrand said...

Also, how many single moms have nannies and collect over 120k per month? I am a single mother. I work full time and I don't get any support from my kids father. When a kid gets sick, I have to leave my job to pick him up from school. I don't have a nanny to do it and I lose pay, which means my bills are in my purse without money in the bank. However, I don't have another 11 bank accounts to cover those bills.

She is an INSULT to real single mothers and your support of her makes me wonder if you've ever actually watched the show or are you some spoiled "single mother" with nannies too.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

There is nothing wrong with being the person God wanted you to be. There is nothing wrong with women balancing the career & the kids. Many women fought hard for those rights.

I disagree with Khate all the way because she uses the children to gain that notoriety. Earn a living, by all means but not on the backs of 8 children.

There will never be a good time to start filming the Gosselin children again. To repeat filming is the big problem here. And, anyone who disagrees is considered a hater.

"Children deserve their childhoods" Aunt Jodi Kreider

Anonymous said...

These children were not born for your entertainment.

CoCoPuff said...

Oh my VaselineZirene AKA DeKonstruction Zlogger, You claim you have children?? well God forbid.
You are on your computer 24/7 writing hateful atrocious and disgusting comments about Kate Gosselin and those Beautiful children.
You said the most vile comment regarding those children and you claim to want to protect them??
What does Kate's hair or shoes or flat tummy have to do with anything?
You are a joke!! Your Children are crying for your attention IRENE but you ignore your own ~~ to write hateful cruel comments about a mother of 8 that you PRETEND to care for. Your words and actions say other wise.
You are a sick mental cruel person who should look at herself and her very own life. Your children need you to get help and be a mother instead of being OBSESSED with Kate and her 8!!!

Denise said...

You are supposed to support your kids, they aren't supposed to support you! Kate Gosselin is a greedy, fame seeking, user. When she just had Mady and Cara, she pushed them around in a stroller with a sign that said "Gosselin Twins". She has a sick desire for attention.
Becky Dilley had sextuplets, worked as a nurse and successfully raised her children.
Of course she didn't have a $1.2 million house and nannies, cooks, drivers and a "body guard".

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...


Respectfully, read my post & read yours. Read the other posts here. You are not at SWE where every flogging thing goes.

So much for civility, nuff said.

"Children deserve their childhoods" Aunt Jodi Kreider

CoCoPuff said...

I know where I am at, It is you VaselineZirene that has no idea where she is.
You are the one FAMOUS for writing vulgar comments about the Gosselin children.

Kate's children deserve to live their life with out horrid hateful woman like yourself, to let them be and live their life,it is their business not yours.
There are better things you should be doing with your time.
Like taking care of your VERY OWN Children VZ.

Your children are IGNORED VaselineZirene so you can continue your obsession with Kate's life and her children. That is pitiful and sad.

sage said...

My site was mentioned in the Newsweek online article that you refer to. We at The Sageway Express support Kate not worship her as the haters believe. Because we support Kate and her choices we are accused of being a "flog" or fake blog. Commenter DeKonstruction Zlogger above has written some hateful comments about Kate, a mother of the very children she claims to want to protect. While DeKon (Irene) claims to care about the children she has written some very disturbing sexual comments about the children that I will not repeat. I think DeKon's(Irene) true motive shows in how she spells "Khate". Irene and others like her hide behind the banner of child advocacy to go from site to site all day long to spew their paticular brand of hate for a young mother who has been afforded an incredible opportunity. I suggest you and others visit some of these hate sites and read for yourself their "concern" for the well being of the kids.

Never had Nannies said...

Ms. Motherbrand said...I considered myself a single mother, even though my son's father was in his life and paid as he could. I also had tough times, but I applaud her determination to provide the best life that she can for her children! I would have jumped at any of the chances she has been given. To have to only work for 2 or 3 years so that after I can be home with my child, 24/7 and still be able to give him the best of everything would make it worthwhile. I don't have nannies, I had daycare. I wish my child could have stayed in his own home while I had to work! I don't consider her an insult!

ms.anonymous said...

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...If you are going to bring God into this, did you ever think that he may be behind the opportunities that have been presented to Kate? That this is how he intended for her to provide for her children?

Deborah said...

Hi Linda Grant aka NYC Single MOM,
I'm so glad you were picked by your post in support of Kate Gosselin. I really enjoyed the Newsweek article.
Now you have a board of comments you can LOL at. I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your children the best of luck in life and all the good things life has to offer. The same things I wish for Kate.
Thanks for standing up for Kate, for the right to live her life and rise her children how she sees fit.
I do not question the love a mother has for her children, ever, nor do I believe we have the right to Judge another.
Again Linda, My wish for you is that all your dreams come true.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

Let's face it, she needs to earn as much money as she can while she can because she will run her course in the next couple of years and the gravy train will be over.

So Khate is willing to earn the money on the backs of her children? What about their rights? What about privacy? What about their childhood?

Let Khate work. I am not against Khate doing that. I am against the fact that 8 young children have to have a "Lights, camera & action" in order to accomplish these "goals" Khate has.

And, what about my opinion? Is this whole issue boiling down to we have to agree or we are haters & much worse in the eyes of others who bury themselves under the anomynity of the internet? There are always two sides to a story.

If Khate wants fame & fortune fine. Just don't walk around whining that this is the only choice you have. Most rational people see through that because many people in America raise children without putting a camera in their face.

The public is seeing Khate in a different light no matter how much spin & twist is out there. The latest report is 10,000 books have only been sold. So, who's fault is that?

sage said...

And, what about my opinion? Is this whole issue boiling down to we have to agree or we are haters.... many people in America raise children without putting a camera in their face.

You spell Kate's name as "Khate" and then complain when you are called a hater?

Thats whats great about America, choice..parents have the right to raise their children as they choose.

CoCoPuff said...

Oh please VaselineZirene, LMAO at you again.
You are writing the same old crap.
Yes there are many children that live their life's without cameras in their faces, SO WHAT? There are some that do?
They are Kate's children NOT yours. and her book being number 11 on the New York's best seller list is GREAT ~~ So????

You don't have a opinion you are trying to force Kate to raise her kids the way you want. Children do deserve a childhood,and they deserve to live in front of a camera if they choose.
The Gosselin children do not want you or need you VaselineZirene ~~~ Your very own children do!!!!!

RottonSpices said...

God made Kate unable to have children, he doesn't make mistakes.

ms.anonymous said...

RottonSpices said...

God made Kate unable to have children, he doesn't make mistakes.
No, of course, he doesn't make mistakes. He just gave her a different way to have children!

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

I am not complaining about being labeled as a hater. I am against children being on reality television programs I realize that being against that has made me a target. Ok. And, Sage your point is. Yes Sage, you are welcome to your opinion & I am welcome to mine.

And, Cocopuff reread what you just said, "and they deserve to live in front of the cameras" You might believe that but I don't. Ok. And, your point is?

We have had this discussion ad nauseam. And, anytime we have this discussion it is the same result. It is going to play out.

P.S. Someone has gone on the record to say the book has only sold about 10500 or so copies. With all the PR put into that that is a pitiful sales so far no matter what list your book is on. This is gonna be a bitter pill for Khate to swallow. That maybe just maybe her 15 minutes of fame is expiring. Time will tell.

CoCoPuff said...

OMG you haters are a sick bunch. There are million's of woman that get help in some way to help them conceive.

Why don't you so called loving Christian woman go chat with your pastor or priest about this subject.
Maybe God made you with no brain?

CoCoPuff said...

My point is Vassy , They are Kate's children not yours!!!!! If she chooses to have them filmed that's her choice!!!!!

Are you still that STUPID to not get that?? You can think whatever you want, you are a Hater, you write horrible vile comments about Kate and her children that has nothing to do with child advocacy?????
And why do you care so much about Kate's book? or if she was on a top 100 list?
You are OBSESSED with Kate's life while your Children are crying for your attention. THAT IS MY POINT VASSY!!!

sage said...

Oh my Irene aren't we being a saint! I hope Single Mom reads what you write on other sites..what is it you call Kate "ho" "supertramp". You hope something happens to Kate physically. You have made yourself a target with your deviant sexual remarks about the kids. Are you going to deny those remarks?

Teal Lake said...

Irene does not represent all "haters" and when you label us as "ONE" - - does that mean that all Kate fans overspend on their credit cards (too keep up with Kate's wardrobe) and lie to their husbands? Do ALL KATE FANS take their kids out of school so they can be used as "bait" to get Kate's attention?

The sick HATERS may say things you don't like but the SICKER FANS want to do things to those kids that is worse than ANYTHING anybody could say aobut Kate. When you fans see that your fellow fans are CHILD MOLESTERS, maybe, just MAYBE you'll understand why kids should NOT BE ON TV~! But, you won't becuase your selfish need to see the children (who are NOT YOURS) is sick and twisted.

Rotten Spice said...

God gave her fertility drugs? ha ha, it was SCIENCE that made those babies. Not God and not love. They were "bred" so Kate could live out her dream of being rich and famous.

Love and God and Kate. One of these things is NOT like the others.

CoCoPuff said...

OMG there are MILLIONS of children on TV!!! Does that mean only sickos watch them?
You haters are a warped disgusting bunch to even comment such a disgusting gross thing.

Its possible you have a child molester living next door to you????

Teal Lake your comment is as sick and stupid as you are!!!!

Deborah said...

Sorry Teal,
We are not fans, We are supporters. We could care less if Kate wants to have the kids filmed or not. We are all glad that rules for reality TV are being looked at.
Its a choice the parents have taken. Have you ever tried to get a kid to do something for a camera that they didn't want to do? It just doesn't work.

CoCoPuff said...

I am done here.
VaselineZirene ignores the questions anyone has for her, she instead writes her same old crap.
And then here comes the sickos talking about GOD or the Child molesters????????
This is the Haters trait ~ they cant have a sensible discussion so they ignore the real truth and then start writing vile disgusting nonsense.

Maybe you Christian Kate haters should have a discussion with your priest or pastor about child molesters. LMAO!!!

Teal Lake said...

At least you admit that "you couldn't care less" if the kids are filmed. YES, I do have a registered sex-offender in my neighborhood. WE ALL DO. Do you know what their favorite show is?"Jon and Kate plus 8" and they are gleeful that they will have more time to jack off to those kids. Yes, it's disgusting and sick and you admittedly SUPPORT THIS? Yes, you do.

BTW, Sarah Palin, not everybody is a Christian.

sage said...

Teal, I have a feeling you ARE the sex offender in your neighborhood.

Deborah said...

How do you know that sex-offenders fave show is J & K plus? Did you round them up and take a poll?

Teal Lake said...

Sage, if I was I would be THRILLED that those kids will be back on TV. I'm not thrilled, you, however run a blog filled with lonely old ladies who just LOVE THOSE KIDS. You ever wonder why?

Teal Lake said...

I work in a field that provides me with this information. They also find pictures all over the internet of other children. It's what they do.

Why are you all so reluctant to believe this? Will it ruin your enjoyment when your finally realize what is really being done with the images of the Gosselin children? Nope. You probably all bought the book with the picture of Hannah with her dress up and pants down, didn't you. JUST THINK. would you want YOUR kids exposed to the masses?

Teal Lake said...

Coco Puff, you will never "be done" because this has become you life goal.

THE TRUTH is that filming the children is BAD for them. THAT IS THE TRUTH but you live in the land of Denial.

Deborah said...

What a wacky thing to get hung up on. There is tons of material for creeps to look at. All they have to do is look out their windows. What sick things you dwell on.

Deborah said...

Linda,aka NYC Single Mom,
I'm sorry about the sickness on your blog. I'm sorry I was a part of it.
Again, I wish you the best.

Teal Lake said...

My sister & I were abused by a neighbor as a child. He was a trusted family friend and he enjoyed taking movies of our family.

Yes, I "dwell" on it because I don't want it to happen to other kids. I also work in a field where I help victims and their families.

I can't hear you said...

Sickness. Yes, ignore it. Take your kids to the park and let them play with strangers. Take videos of your kids on the toilet and post them on YOUTube.

sage said...

Teal Lake said...
Sage, if I was I would be THRILLED that those kids will be back on TV. I'm not thrilled, you, however run a blog filled with lonely old ladies who just LOVE THOSE KIDS. You ever wonder why?

I know why I have my blog... it is to expose people who think like you.

I am not going to respond to you anymore.

Teal Lake said...

Think like me?
I help victims for a living and I want to prevent other children from going through what I went through.

You've just confirmed what I've always believed, Kate defenders are PRO-ABUSE advocates.

Judy Smith said...

What part of her life do you "single moms" identify with?

Good Grief said...

Teal Lake said...

I work in a field that provides me with this information.


You work in a field that surveys sex offenders to find out their favorite television programs? That sounds productive.

warning said...

Kate needs to spend more time at home nurturing her children and spending some time praising their achievements instead of gallivanting around the country so desperately trying to makes them proud of hers. It's not their job to be proud of her. It is her job to be proud of them. She has it all backwards and always has. Everything is about her instead of about the children. She will be sorry when they are teenagers and are not bonded with her.

NYC Single Mom said...

Hi Everyone from NYC Single Mom,

I am always completely amazed at the debate from both sides that Kate Gosselin seems to invoke.

I defintely agree with those who say she should spend time with her kids and that she is not a nice person (her underlying bitchiness in interviews is hard to miss) but in my heart and probably naively that when the kids were born she wasnt who she was now.

But for those on the side who are not team kate, I am truly surprised at your pure and utter dislike of the woman.

I hate to say it but because as a marketer you go with whats going to bring you ratings this type of discussion is makes her so appealing to the networks.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

New York City Mom:

Yes, this whole ordeal has brought out fierce discussion on both sides. And, then there are people that just write Khate off also as enough already what is the point?

Her whole brand is centered around the children. Khate very early on told her audiences that if people in the family did not want to do the show they would stop. The show took its toll on this family & it showed during 2009 especially. The fact that the children put "No cameras" posters on their bedroom doors & Jon struggled at the end of season 4 as to the future of filming was a red flag to me. Here behind the scenes she was gone from the home alot "working" in her eyes. This should have been a red flag to Khate & it wasn't. She is gonna have this "KareeR" and be darned with anyone else.

I was raised with a relative that had 17 children. She refused all media & book offers. She said it would put pressure on her children. She emphatically believed that. All of her children graduated from college. She was the best mom I have ever known.

Anyway, I totally agree this is a marketer's dream. But, at the end of the day, is it all about ratings when you blatently decided to keep your children in the limelight so you can have a lifestyle you krave. Because they get one childhood and chances are that this is going to end up being a house of Kards that falls and makes them the kollateral damage.

I agree whoever said Khate needs to do something for these kids to show them she is proud of them. However, the woman is as cold as ice. And, is willing to sacrifice anything to show the world she is no longer that forgotten middle child she grew up being.

Sage: I will not talk with you. You are a phoney. And, you have a flog that and that is the bottom line.

Lordy Bee said...


Sage does not run a flog. Just because Z says it is does not make it so.

What happened to his professional organizations investigating the blog.

It is a blog started by someone not a corporation who was sick and tired of not being allowed to voice their opinion on some blogs.

Z is a prime example of suppression of freedom of speech. If you still believe his lies that he lets all sides through on his blog you have serious problems.

I have submitted several nice rebuttal comments that have never seen the light of day and I know of dozens of other people as well who's post never saw the light of day.

Z believes in freedom of speech but not on hiw own blog...that is a true example of hypocricy and you just blingly except it as fact. That is the problem with people like you who believe that have the right to judge others and tell them how to live their lives.

Lordy Bee said...

Your Khate comments just show how immature you really are.

You call her super tramp, ho, hooker heels you call her children 8 high order money makers.

No one can take you seriously because of these assinine comments.

Please explain how that is child advocacy?

Gleek. said...

Irene thinks she's better than us. She's a butt kisser to some D list writer. Z on tv has lost all credibility in MSM thanks to posters like Irene. Any thing he writes about on his blog, Irene always brings it back to Kate. It's kind of funny in a way but that poor man's career is pretty much over thanks to Irene and her fellow fanatics.

telling it like it is said...

For God's sake Irene, stand back and look at yourself. You claim to be so concerned about the Gosselin kids that you are willing to spend hour up on hour every day on the internet obsessing over them and their mother. Time and time again you have been told that the harm YOU are doing to them is far worse than anything their parents have ever or would ever do, but you choose to ignore that fact.

Perhaps you could focus your energy and hours of spare time on children who REALLY could use your help. Did you know that 16,000 kids die every day of starvation or curable disease? Are you aware that hundreds of thousands of kids in third world countries work in sweatshops for up to 16 hours a day, some probably making the clothing, shoes and toys that you purchase for your own kids? I just read on a World Vision website that over a million kids worldwide are trapped in the sex trade business!

Irene, I would like to suggest that you might consider directing your energy towards a more worthwhile cause than obsessive hating on a mother of 8 happy, healthy, loved and privileged children. The Gosselin kids will be just fine without your help, there are many, many others who could certainly use it.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

I stand behind what I post on blogs. I follow the terms of service of blogs that I visit. I owe no one an explanation unless I choose to give one. And, I accept full responsibility for my choice to speak out & the fact I will be criticized for it.

The bottom line with me is if Khate's brand is as solid & gonna be as successful as it is PR'd to be then why would my comments make or break her Kareer?

I simply do not want Kate plus 8 to move forward. The Gosselin children have been put through enough.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, can't you all go back on your site and hash this out amongst yourselves? Do you even see how you took over this woman's blog? Comment on her blog article, not on the other commenters here.

tilis said...

The worst thing that the Gosselin children are being put through is the hatred spewed about their mother by people like Irene. They are happy, healthy, intelligent and well-loved and cared for by their parents and grandparents. How sad that the perpetrator of this hatred chooses to ignore this fact just because she wishes to further own sick agenda.

Anonymous you are right. Sorry for hijacking this blog and I won't post further.

Troy Chula Vista said...

Coco puff, how old are you? All you can do is call everyone Stupid or insult them. What happened to inielligent conversation and rebuttal? Do you feel you are right and everyone else is wrong? That is the sign of an obsessed person. Why tell the others to watch thier kids and stay out of Kates business? You are doing the same thing with thoses commments.

Have YOU read the book? How come NO ONE asks why Kate was so ungrateful with her dad and the 6 cribs she refused to accept? What spin can you place on that?

Anonymous said...


Trust me no one sees you as a martyr for speaking your mind. They see you for the idiot you are.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

Well, looks like it is not a good week for Khate. Book is not doing well. Not well at all. I wonder why? Maybe they edited the article too soon.

People Magazine double issue. Koupon Khate did not make the Most Beautiful People 2010 but she did get a page spread advertising People & included is a Kate Clean Slate coupon for $1.00 off a subscription.

NYC mom you were right. This is not going to last forever for Khate. In fact, it survey says, "She better hang on to that money from DWTS & get the coupons & shopping kart schedule back to use."

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