Friday, April 16, 2010

Fantastic Four Friday - 4 Reasons I love my iPhone

Since I am talking about my iPhone and not the iPad, it's obvious that I am not an early adopter of technology.

The iPhone was introduced in 2007 (can you believe it?) and when did I get around to joining the cool kids, late 2009.

And why did it take so long? Because I'd rather all the early adopters spend the $$$, Apple work out all the bugs that come with a first generation product and because I was in the middle of my phone contract and it was not worth the extra $300 to break the contract to buy the phone.

So after two years of iPhone envy, I finally bought one and with the exception of the short battery life, I love my iPhone.

Here are four reasons, I love my iPhone. All of the following are features of the phone.

1. Voice Memos - I love this feature the most because when I want to remember key ideas, places or my daughter's quotes, all you have to do is the hit voice memo button and record it. No more fumbling for paper and pencil or forgetting stuff.

Let's face it, we moms have too much to remember with school forms, doctor's appointments, bills and life, sometimes the things you want to remember most just doesn't seem to be able to stick in our brains the way they used to.

I can name two instances this little feature turned out to be quite helpful.

  •  I was concerned that my daughter might have sleep apnea because she wow she can really saw those logs. I was able to tape her snoring and play her snoring for her pediatrician. The pediatrician was amazed she always asks parents to do this but they never do and I was the first parent to tape their kids snoring. And no she doesn't have sleep apnea, she just snores loudly. 
  • Last week, I went to the Dove Spa event and took part in a MAC eye makeover. I loved the eyeshadow that the makeup artist used on me. It looked amazing. Without the voice memo function, I would never be able to remember the eye shadow or maybe it was the wine. 

2. Timer/Stopwatch - I never thought I would ever use this feature but realized it's utilty on playdates. As you can imagine, if there is only one toy and everyone wants to play with it, nothing but arguing and crying ensues. Now I  tell the kids, I am using the stopwatch and when the timer goes off, you have to switch turns. Problem solved.

3. Maps - I admit, I am terrible at getting around New York City especially in neighboorhoods I am not that familiar with. Hey sometimes, I get lost trying to get to places I have been to before like my daughter's godmother apartment in Brooklyn. With this feature, you can never be lost. The GPS tracks your current location and then provides a map to your intended location. Voila!!!

4. Voice Mail/Texting  - Sure all phones have voice mail and text capability but now you can play the voice mails you want versus listening to them in order that you want with a press of a button. And being able to follow the text threads for a particular person has seriously impacted my life. How you say? You would be surprised at how often I refer to previous threads for a phone number or confirm the address from someone. Plus you can attache photos to a text message, say what? Yes. 

I will let you know about my favorite free apps.


Anonymous said...

I'm another hold out and now I am really getting close to buying it. Just curious what memory size did u get 8, 16 or 32. I love the diff in prices. Would you say get the iphone over the iPad? I had a crazy thought to get the iPad and trade my blackberry in for a regular cell phone. Odd? I'm not sure about that yet.

NYC Single Mom said...

nycgirl0501 I cant remember what memory size but I think it had to be the middle one. I am waiting for the iPad although I so want one.

iPhone vs iPad interesting question. I dont think I would choose one over the other. I had a early generation blackberry and was not a fan so I may be crazy since it has so many more features but there are those who love their blackberry.

it is my plan to go to the apple store and test the iPad out.

But I am pretty sure, at some point I will get the iPad but not within the next 6 months

Karen said...

Ive been holding out on one as well. It seems that everyone I know has one, but not I. If I ever upgrade I am looking into the iPhone. Not bad only 3 years after they came out, lol.

Snuck in from MBC and following you now. Have a great day.

bigguysmama said...

It will be a while before I have an iphone. I won't ever be able to afford the apps. Isn't there an extra fee for this phone, too? Like the Blackberry? I guess I don't know much about it. My next phone will be the LG EnV Touch.

~Mimi from the Round Up

NYC Single Mom said...


I would say that 95% of the apps we have on my phone are free. There are a couple that cost .99 cents but thats my limit. Honestly, my daughter plays with the iPhone more than her DS. Remember DS games cost a boatload of money which shocked me when I finally bought her one. Because the games are free on my iphone she doesnt get that bored. Frankly she has 3 DS games and $30 or more a pop she will not be getting too much of those . Hang in there.

Linda Grant said...

I'm the other Linda Grant, the British author, and I'm getting my iPhone today and I don't know either why I held out so long.

Coma Girl said...

Late 2009? I'm still waiting to get mine :( And still waiting for it to come to Verizon.

So if it helps, there is someone out there jealous of you.

That timer/stopwatch sounds pretty cool.

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