Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Clean at the all® Oxi-Active Laundry Event

This week, I attended an event launching all Oxi-Active laundry detergent. I must admit I was pretty impressed with the new product. We put numerous stains like grass stains and chocolate to the test.  Well, the detergent did what it claimed to do, get the stains out.

Dancing Hotdogs Davina with her son creating  and Daniel, The Mommy Factor's son making a grass stain mess 

And to courtesy of my fellow blogger and gym buddy,,  feel free to register with all laundry and download a couple of $1 coupons to try out the 2-in-1 advanced cleaning power in a single detergent. 

FYI, all Oxi-Active laundry detergent is safe for traditional and high-efficiency washing machines. Good thing, since it will be a long time before my building's laundry room upgrades to high-efficiency washing machines. 
Visit for your coupons.

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