Friday, April 23, 2010

Jillian Michael's Quote Regarding Adopting is Pretty Offensive and Misguided

Last year, I met Jillian Michaels at an event promoting her fitness dvds and while hey, I met her for only a few minutes, you could tell she was committed to being fit.

So it does not come as a surprise that she does not want to get pregnant and ruin her hard fought, I used to be fat body. Frankly, I could care less that she does not want to get pregnant, what made me write this post is her quote on her reasons for adopting as an alternative to getting pregnant.

Here is her quote from the Huffington Post article. "I am going to adopt. I can't handle doing that to my body." she told the magazine. "Also, when you rescue something, it's like rescuing a part of yourself."

First of all, one doesn't adopt because they have a saviour complex and needs to rescue another human being. That is so incredibly misguided and somewhat narcissistic. 

You adopt because you WANT to be a mother.
You adopt because you want this little person to be a part of your life. 
You adopt because you want to be a family whether if you are married, have a partner or single. 
You adopt because you have nothing but unconditional love to give. 

I certainly hope that the social worker doing her homestudy asks her the tough questions about why she wants to be a mother because I am pretty sure that is not a good enough reason to adopt. 


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Did she have a brain fart? Seriously who says stuff like that? I think she should stick to fitness. I'm disappointed in her.

Nicole said...

Wow..I'm surprised to hear such a statement.

Singlemama said...

Hi! Coming over from FFF/Mombloggers club :) Love the site!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Judgmental much? You make a ton of assumptions based off of one quote. You took a single quote, interpreted it in YOUR way, and went with it, making assumptions left and right. I find it ridiculous that you feel as if you know enough about her to assume all that you assumed.

Married with children said...

That is very judgmental. I am sure you run into lots of folk who think intentionally bringing a child into a single parent household to be incredibly selfish. You would probably prefer that they not judge your lifestyle choice. People in glass houses....

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