Thursday, April 22, 2010

Therapy Thursday - Getting back on track

Unlike most parents, I somehow let our daily routine fall into the abyss during our long breaks. And the recent eleven day spring break was no different. And like my drinking, I know I shouldn't have that third glass of wine, but I do and suffer the repercussions. When will I learn? Apparently, never when it comes to my drinking or keeping my daughter in a routine.

The break started off great but little by little, my daughter ends up staying up later and of course, getting up later.  Honestly, it just plain selfish of me to let her sleep in.  I get such enjoyment out of reading the paper and sipping my coffee in peace and quiet rather than running around drinking my coffee in sips and gulps as we get ready in the morning.

The flip side to letting ourselves slide off our scheduled track is that it takes a while to get back to our regular routine.  It's like starting all over again. And who do I have to blame for this, me, me, me.

When I told my therapist how we had fared after the break,  she just looked at me and said "what about the rewards and consequences chart we so painstakingly worked on?" "Oh that!? I forgot. "

"Aha, moment, right." Like everything in my life and in general, life and stuff gets in the way and continuing good habits.

Not only does my daughter need to be reminded of what the rewards and consequences of not following the rules are, but apparently so do I.

So of course, when we went got home that evening, I had to review the chart with my daughter and yes, things are back on track.

And to ensure, I don't forget again, I have entered "reviewing the chart" into my iPhone calendar so she and I can review it on a monthly basis.


parenting ad absurdum said...

I know - our routines go out the window on vacation too - but we all love it, so we probably will keep doing it too...!

bigguysmama said...

You probably meant to say, "like most parents" because I know more parents than not that let routine take a vacation when we do. My boys are opposite of your daughter. They wake up at the same time no matter how late they go to bed, then they are crabby. Unlike school days where they moan and groan wishing they could keep sleeping. Not sure why getting up at 7am on Tuesday is different from getting up at 7am on a Saturday or holiday, but apparently it is!


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