Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock adopts a baby boy - From one adoptive single mom to another Congrats

Photo courtesy of People Magazine 

Imagine everyone's surprise (or shock) this morning to the news that Sandra Bullock adopted a baby boy.

I actually cried when I saw the People cover, I was so excited for her.

I know, I know,  I am talking about her like I know her but it says something about her character that she chose to not introduce him to the world during the Oscar hoopla. Can you imagine what the paparrazzi craziness would have been like if they knew about the baby?  It wasn't enough that they were stalking her but if they knew about the baby, it would have been madness with everyone trying to get the first shot of baby Louis.

As a single mom who adopted on my own, I want to welcome her to the club. Given her relationship with Jesse James' children, I am sure she will be a great mother.

And to her friends who kept her secret, they really should be commended. The little boy, Louis will not only have a great mom who is interested in protecting him but Ms. Bullock, obviously has a network of supportive friends and family who are there for her and her baby boy.

Mazel tov and Congratulations.

P.S. If you need any advice, feel free to reach out.


DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

I just think there is always a silver lining in every storm.

Very very proud of Sandra for choosing to shield her baby from the media firestorm. I can only imagine how much juggling that took.

I get the magazine so I am awaiting it in the mail today.

Grace under fire. Being a mother is the toughest best job in town. Hands down.

DeKonstruction Zlogger said...

This article was fantastic.

Sandra said, "These children were not the cause of this and my commitment was to them first."

also, "You need tough skin in this business. I don't have tough skin right now, and I don't want it.

This lady is just so grounded and level headed. And, she is just absolutely a mom 1st.

It amazes me how people can go through similar tragedies & just go through it so differently.

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