Monday, May 3, 2010

Publishing Party a Success

Recently, my daughter's class had her publishing party. I must admit, I was dreading it and not because I did not want to hear my child read her story about seals,  it's because last year, the class was split into two sections and we had to  listen to 10 kids over an hour period. It was pretty excruciating having to clap, "ew" and "ah" for that long a period of time.  I love to support other children's work but let's face, an hour is a long time.

But my daughter's teacher, maybe through experience or feedback separated the class into four groups with only five children each and it went swimmingly.

I have to admit that while my daughter's story was cute and informative, she definitely read it loudly for all to hear. I have mentioned that my daughter is a talker and quite outgoing but when it comes to reading or talking in front of crowds, she is so quiet and shy.

As someone who is not a natural public speaker and gets nervous in front of crowds, I feel it's my duty to really prep my daughter from an early age to try to be a more natural public speaker. Being comfortable in front of crowds is tough and in business it's even tougher. I have seen too many people not rise through the ranks because of this area. Sadly, being competent at your job is not enough these days to succeed, you need to present a confident exterior that makes people feel they can rely on you.

So kudos for a job well done.


bigguysmama said...

So glad this wasn't as excruciating as your last one! Sounds like your daughter did a fine job!


Divina said...

I love it! I can't wait for when Babyboy gets big enough for publishing classes, show & tell etc.

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Anonymous said...

I am following you back! I understand your take on public speaking - it's increasingly important and it's a tough skill that needs a lot of practice, and I'm so glad your daughter did such a great job. Good for her!

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