Monday, June 14, 2010

I Hate Google Today or Larry Page Can't Decide Which One

Every blogger, website  has site has a page rank. Bloggers are either obsessed about their page rank or they don't care about. Of course, the ones who say they don't care are lying.

I am no different. When my page rank hit 3, I said a little hurray for myself and went so far as to  put the little widget on my site for all the world to see. When it hit 4, goodness, I was excited.

Then this weekend, I noticed that my widget said 0, I couldn't believe it. I went to the site and entered in my url and yes indeed it was 0. Why??? I can only conjecture that because I changed my url from to that all my previous links have been dropped or got screwed up.

To say that I am upset is an understatement. I worked hard for that page rank and now I have to spend the next few months bringing it back.

P.S. Page Rank is named after Larry Page, one of the co-founders of google.


Anonymous said...

Ok I just heard about page ranks last week. I guess I should google it. Interesting.

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