Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Practical Advice from Model Veronica Webb

Last week, I had the pleasure of conducting my first celebrity interview with International Model and Television Personality Veronica Webb at the Skinny Cow event.  As she mentioned, she has been modeling for twenty five years which means I have been a fan for that long. Yikes! Let me say for the record and not to superficial but you know want to ask,  she looked fabulous,  her skin was flawless and skinny but not too skinny.  She is just as perfect in person as in her photos.

I must admit I was a tad nervous but she couldn't have been nicer and patient with my questions. She even styled me at the end. Of course, I couldn't help but volunteer for a makeover if she ever need a single mom to make over. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

1. How did you become involved with Skinny Cow? 
a.  I have been talking about nutrition for years and I have been eating Skinny Cow since the 90's,  mostly the ice cream sandwiches.  I think it's quality product made with skim milk and has low fat content. Perfect.
      2. As a mom, how do you juggle home and work? 
      a. You don't have a choice but everything is a tradeoff. I also try to integrate an exercise routine that requires no appointments and no equipment. I run while my kids scooter.

      She was quite clear that she has the same struggles as all working moms -   how provide for her children (she has two girls) and be there for them at the same time.  Her job is too look good for work. While she has to go for mani/pedis, she would prefer to be hanging with her girls. 

      3. From a single mom's perspective doing it on my own, I am always trying to get my daughter to try new foods, do you have any tips on getting her to try new foods? 
      I  signed my daughters up for cooking school at an early age. I get them involved with cooking the meal so they can take pride and ownership in their cooking and they are more likely to eat what they cook. Another tip is instead of watching cartoons, turn on the Food Network. They are memorized by the weird stuff the chefs are cooking.

      4. You have always been a fashion trendsetter, what are your top three must haves for the summer? 
      • Kitten heels
      • Statement jewelry
      • A Side part

      At the end she was asking me questions mostly about BlogHer. Yeah for me.

      All in all a great experience.

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