Sunday, July 11, 2010

I don't want to be the Mayor of Foursquare

Last Dave Pogue of the New York Times wrote an article, For Those Facebook Left Behind providing a quick primer social networking sites/apps. One of the sites, he mentioned was Foursquare which has come out of the gate and has become one of the hottest social networking sites out on the market.

I have no idea why I embraced Foursquare. Maybe because I am a blogger and must be on top of all the social networking sites.

Foursquare is an app you open up on your phone which uses the internal GPS so that you can see restaurants, shops, museums, etc where you are standing. The purpose is to "check-in" so your friends know where you are.

The person who checks in the most becomes that place's " mayor."

What's funny about this app is the line "so your friends" know where you are. It's laughable because NONE of IRL friends have this app. Some of my friends don't even have a smartphone and even have phones that are 3-4 years old. And I am pretty sure that when they upgrade to a new phone that they will not get this app.

So why do I do it? Who the hell knows? Maybe secretly, I think I am going to meet new friends. So far, I have 46 friends which some are blogger friends but most are strangers. Weird, huh.


Lisa said...

I'm not really into the foursquare stuff. Don't want any stalkers! LOL

PS Check out your link on my shout-out post ;)

Dokemion said...

Me either...

grants for single mothers

Anonymous said...

I joined but I only remember to check in when I go to target, which makes me seem like I only hang out there! Lmao. Truth is when I'm out i'm not typing away on my phone.

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