Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in a High-Rise

I bet you are wondering how we celebrate Halloween. Back when my daughter was in pre-school (ahhh, wistful stare out the window), the school took the kids out to businesses in the neighborhood. There is nothing like a pack of pre-schoolers dressed in cute costumes to get a smile from jaded New Yorkers.

Now, we trick or treat in the building. We live in 22 story hi-rise that takes pretty much takes up the entire block. The building is so large, there are two separate elevator banks, east and west. Lucky for the kids, lots of neighbors sign up for trick or treat. So instead of walking around a neighborhood, we go up and down in the elevator or walk to each floor. All of this takes about an hour and half.

The best part of trick or treating is that you get a glimpse of other people's apartments. I admit it, I'm nosy.

After we finish, we head out to the Halloween parade. And that is an event unto itself. You never know what you will see. There are so many creative people in New York.


Yakini said...

First of all, omg, look at the little vampiress - cuteness!!!! Love the teeth! LOL

Secondly, I really like the idea of trick-or-treating inside the apartment complex. How fun and safe! And yes, I am super nosy too. Lmao!! I love to see how other folks have decorated their homes, esp. if their floor plan/layout is similar to mine!

Im glad you all enjoyed Halloween. I love it so much too!!!

yasmine's mom said...

I missed the parade this year, i hope it was fun.

NYC Single Mom said...

The parade was not fun only because it was really crowded and the rain. I think because it was on a saturday and pretty warm out make for more people. We usually can see a little of the parade but this year it was a little too much.

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