Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Awkward" - Running into my daughter's teacher outside of school

Last Friday, right before pick up, I decided to run into Walgreens and who should I run into, my daughter's teacher. To say I was taken aback is an understatement. First, she addressed me by name which freaked me out. "She knows my name. Is this good or bad, I wondered?" I, of course, addressed her formerly as Mrs. F. I know I shouldn't be so formal, but seriously calling her by her first name seemed weird and disrepectful.

Why was I freaked out? Because our interactions on a daily basis are usually non-existent. If she even looks at the parents at drop off, it's unusual, let alone address you.

As I stood there, chatting with her about the bargains in the store, I really wanted to corner her and ask her "how is my daughter doing?" but I didn't. It seemed like an inappropriate moment to ambush her with the question. One of the other parents, said I was nuts, why not?

And so the awkward moment ended. "I gotta pick up my daughter, have a great weekend." politely ending the conversation and off I scooted hoping not to run into her as I left.

In the same situation, would you have asked your teacher how your child is doing????


Anonymous said...

No, never. It is a social faux pas and I wouldn't like it if someone asked me about my work when I am on my own time.

NYC Single Mom said...

Anonymous - in hindsight, I wouldnt want anyone ambushing me either about work.

bigguysmama said...

I guess in your situation, maybe not. Here in our little town (population 3000 +/-) I might just say, "How do think things are going this year with my daughter?" I would imagine by now you've had a parent-teacher conference so you have some sort of idea. I'd make sure she didn't know I wanted a sit down 1/2 hour meeting with her right then and there. Just a quick check in. Maybe have asked her how she feels the class in general is?

That's life in a small town, though. Maybe different than the big city. :)


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