Saturday, July 31, 2010

Per Elizabeth Hasselbeck I am a LESBIAN

I had to comment on the latest gaffe by Elizabeth (I should be sitting at the kid's table) Hasselbeck. This week on The View. Yes, I watch it but don't know why. Instead of Celebrity Rehab, MTV should have a reality show - "The View Rehab" but I digress.

This week she made one of her wackier comments and there are so many. In discussing why some older women get involved in same sex relationships, her assertion is that  it's because older women can't find a man.

"All older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with no one." according to Hasselbeck. And her response to Joy Behar when Behar said her comment was "ridiculous." Older women are looking for companionship not a sexual relationship.

Oh Bitsy. What planet are you on and who feeds you this stuff?

So according to her, I, an "older" women should just give it up and find a lesbian or another woman to hang with instead of a man.

There is one fatal flaw in her twisted logic.

" I am not, never or will be attracted to women."  And I am sure, every woman who fit's her definition who is now single doesn't either.

What exactly did you and that famous lesbian Melissa Etheridge talk about when she was at her house???

Thoughts from the single 40 plus crowd are welcome.

And for the record, I do have hope I will find a guy one day although as my friends, I need to do some work to find him, he is not going to be knocking on my door.


gaynycdad said...

Wow. Awesome post. That EH is some dumb lady.

Anonymous said...

I am glad straight women find this insulting. I am in the 40+ crowd and I am a lesbian. I am in a relationship for 15 years and find it insulting that her statement implies you are only worthy of being a lesbian if you can't find a man. EH wake up!! I'm glad she found her husband, frightening to think she may "wander over to the lesbian side".

NYC Single Mom said...

Anonymous, I am glad you made a comment, I thought from a lesbian's perspective her comments have to be equally offensive because it implies that lesbians are just so willing to take us straight women.

BTW, Happy that you are in a committed relationship. Here's hoping marriage becomes legal in our life time.

Anonymous said...

She is an idiot! I think she ate too many worms when she was on Survivor! Oh lord!

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