Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remember the Kool-Aid Man?

Last week, I was invited to a Kool-Aid And KaBOOM! Play day hosted by another mompreneur Beth Feldman of Rolemommy.com.

The event was organized to help spread the word about a non-profit initiative by KaBOOM!
KaBOOM is a non-profit organization focused on bringing play back into the lives of children. During the week of September 19-27, 2009, their goal is to host more than 1,000 “free, fun-for-the-whole-family” Play Days across the country. Given my own weight issues and the fact that this generation's children get less exercise with all the gadgets, I am a big supporter of any organization that gets our kids out of the house. So many kids (mine included) spend entirely too much time on computers, tv, IPhone and cameras and not enough time running around.

The event was held at Studio 450 over near the west side highway, it was an incredible space with sweeping views of the New Jersey side of the river, (Yes, New Jersey has an very nice skyline from Manhattan.) There were tons of old school games for the kids, like Twister and hula hoops. But the hit of the event was the Kool-Aid man. My daughter is pretty outgoing but she was obsessed with the Kool-Aid Man following him around, asking him questions, wondering how he was going to eat and go to the bathroom. Isn't it funny what children latch on to because she had absolutely no idea who the Kool-aid man was or Kool-aid is. Do they even air Kool-Aid commercials anymore? They, of course, served grape kool-aid with our lunch. Memories.... I can't even remember the last time I had Kool-Aid, the 70s maybe.

As if the event was not enough, we were privy to having our photos taken by celebrity photographer, Jade Albert. Check out her site, she has taken photos of some of today's biggest stars from Lindsey Lohan to Katherine Heigl to Corbin Bleu to Leighton Meester (seriously check it out, it's worth it) when they were all young kids just starting out.

And my daughter and I gave our first Blog Talk Radio interview. Our interview is somewhere in the middle so it's okay if you don't want to listen.

In support of of the organization I hope you will Host a KaBOOM Play Day the week of September 19 - 27 in your community and be a hero to the kids in your community. Plan your event with KaBOOM's free planner tool and you could receive a free Play Day kit. Register today at www.kaboom.org/koolaid. I, certainly, plan to host a KaBOOM Play day.

Photo courtesy of Jade Albert Photography


Anonymous said...

God, I love that photo of Kool-Aid. Reminds me the hot Summer days when my friends and I would have a Kool-Aid stand. How did the song go: "You're never too old for Kool-Aid, you're never to old." La, la, la

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